One-to-One Lessons

A personal one-to-one lesson (also known as a Functional Integration lesson) is a hands on lesson focused on your personal requirements. Lessons are particularly useful for specific or long-standing problems, to deepen your experience of Awareness Through Movement classes, or to provide ongoing support for your everyday life.

Each lesson revolves around a question: how do your habits of movement help you, but at the same time stand in the way of doing better? In a typical lesson, you and your teacher discuss this, then you lie fully-clothed on a low table as the teacher’s hands gently support you, suggesting, encouraging and guiding you towards new ways of moving and organising yourself.

Each lesson is unique and designed by your teacher to address your particular habits of moving and holding yourself. Your increasing self-awareness enables you to let go of these habits, to find and choose new patterns of movement; you may find similar development in the flexibility of your thinking and feeling.

The lesson will often lead to suggestions by the teacher for ways of working on your own, in order to help the new choices become a lasting part of your life.

Lessons typically last 45 minutes to an hour.

Lessons cost £35. A set of 4 lessons is £105 (one lesson free) if paid in advance.

Please contact  Haydyn for more details or to book.

“I feel as though I have been oiled. Everything is moving smoothly” –Cheryl

“Haydyn is a first rate Feldenkrais practitioner who is able to draw on many long term complementary skills in his practice. He has helped me over the last eight months with Feldenkrais, leading to a very welcome improvement in joint pain in my knees, back and neck. Haydyn’s lessons have allowed me find better alignment, connections and strength, along with a sense of re-learning in my movement. As well as being able to apply the subtleties of Feldenkrais, Haydyn can explain the principles of the technique in a way which is easy to follow. I would wholly recommend Haydyn as a practitioner.” – Peter